Outerworld Animals

This is a list of the animals in the Batmud outerworld, as given by Dr. Livingstone (I presume). The number to the left is the average number of minutes that Livingstone gives to collect that animal, and gives a rough idea of the relative level of the animal. Some of these numbers are fairly inaccurate for the animals that have only been requested a few times (at least while I was logged in). These numbers have been marked with a star (*). Some animals I have only seen one or two times, while others have been requested hundreds of times. Go figure.

Last updated: Tue Mar 14 15:54:28 EDT 2017

8*	a small and cute lemming
9	a bunny, cute and fluffy
9	a pathetically helpless shrew
9	a small, brown fieldmouse
9	a small gecko, nature's little rainbow
9	a small hermit crab
9	a tiny half-blind mole
9	a tiny sparrow
10	a jumpy frog
10	a large black worker ant
10	a small mole
11	a fluffy lemming, standing tall and staring at you
11	a jumpy rabbit
11	a really small shrew
11	a small and cute chipmunk
11	a small bat flying in circles
12	an infant badger is excited about the world
12	an ugly magpie with ragged feathers
13	a black and yellow striped honeybee
13	a cute and furry squirrel
13	a fat buzzing bumblebee
13*	a large and plump giant lemming
13	a slimy and ugly toad
13	a small, furry fitchet
13	a small pig, also known as a possu
13	a vicious soldier ant
14	a furiously dashing mole
14	a large hare with tangled fur
14	a nasty rat, ugly as hell
14	a slender sparrowhawk
14	a strong rock crab
15	a colourful chameleon is currently colourless
15	an ordinary but rather disgusting scorpion
15	a small but ferocious vampire bat
15	a small fluffy lamb
16*	a small and spiky baby porcupine
16	a small striped skunk
16	a young, nimble fox
17*	a cute baby seal
17	a slender pine marten
17	a small and cute owl with large eyes
17	a small brown snake
17	a young and insecure buffalo
17	a young but stubborn bull
17	a young, curious raccoon
18	a nasty giant termite
19	a cute, small impala
19	A full-grown sheep, fluffy and white
19	a giant bunny hoppling around
19	a lively little reindeer
19	a long and slender stoat
19	a slender fairy penguin
19	a smallish mottled housecat gone feral
19	a small redbellied snake
19	a spiky hedgehog scurries around searching for worms
19	a young goat is fearful
20	an elk calf calling for its mama prances here
20	a tall-necked infant giraffe
20	a weird, red-and-green plant with slimy tentacles
20	a young long-legged crane
21	an infant sabretooth sleeping
21	a small and cute baby baboon playing here
21	a small smooth earth snake
21	a young and nervous cougar
22	a brown and spiky porcupine
22	an adult, foolhardy raccoon
22	a pacific hereford cow
22	a young, frightened wolf
23	a beautiful mink with a sleek fur
23	a grown-up fox
23	a sow relaxing contently on the ground
23	a streamlined storm petrel glides in the wind
24	a sturdy but short humboldt penguin
24	a white, long-winged seagull with a dark back
25	a common garter snake
25	a full-grown ferocious adult badger
25	a grumpy old ram
25	a large striped wildcat
25	a restful black angus cow
25	a wiry jackal 
25	a young bear cub
26	a frightful giant scorpion
26	a hungry-looking adult eagle-owl
26	a tall crane with a very sharp beak
26	a trembly old buck
27	a lonely wolf is hunting something
27	a motley scarlet snake
27	an old and wise badger
28	a big striped skunk
28	a large and old porcupine
28	an old, furry waterbuck
28	a rather large newt
28	a small infant alligator
28	a tall and proud gazelle
29	a big goat with nasty horns
29	a dark ribbon snake
29	an adult reindeer with nasty horns
29	an odd, blue-spotted and long-tailed ray
29	a sloth hangs here lazily
29	a stately king crab
29	a stubby seal
29	a wild chianina cow
30	an old and experienced crane
31	an oddly-striped zebra
32	a fully-grown dominant wolf
32	a large, brown-feathered eagle
32	a large tortoise
32	a majestic emperor penguin
32	a sabretooth cub playing with mice
32	a sky-high adult giraffe
32	a very dexterous chimpanzee
32	a young and scared baboon trying to hide from you
33	a flat, round ray with white dots on its brown back
33	a wriggling electric eel
34	a blurred warthog dashing around
34	a cow elk eating grass stands here
34	a ferocious wolverine
34	a green mantis is praying
34	a huge Venus flytrap, waiting for victims
34	a peculiar looking pig known as an aardvark
35	a light-gray milk snake
36	a majestic albatross soars here
36	a spotted lynx
37	a komodo dragon is truly a huge lizard
37	a small and playful dolphin
38	a majestic golden eagle
38	an adult baboon sitting here and occasionally glancing at you
39	deep gray copperhead snake
40	a huge sabretooth is sleeping here
40	a small white unicorn
41	a baby chimera, natural born killer
41	a full-grown alligator
41*	a huge gravedigger mole
41	a mottled brown giant owl
41	a small and hideous basilisk
42	a small black unicorn
42	a very streamlined and slender blue shark
42	a young, but already frightful lion
43	a wriggling moray eel
44	a huge and proud condor
44	a lean, white-scaled drake
45	a flecked spitting cobra
45	a full-grown buffalo
46	a full-grown and a very bull-headed bull
47	a big lump of mud with gleaming eyes
48	a ferocious and blood-thirsty giant vampire bat
48	a giant bat, the silent hunter of the night
48	a humongous flesh-eating plant is looking for adventurers to eat
49	a cheetah lying under the shadows
49	bull elk grazing here
50	a slender, red-hued drake
51	a large white unicorn
51	A large yellow leopard with black dots
53	a large black unicorn
53*	a large white and blue owl
54	a robust walrus with shiny-white tusks
55	a full-grown, sleek cougar
55	a giant tortoise
55	a huge hill of mud with gleaming eyes
55	a strong and robust hyena
55	a young but quite massive squid
56	a slender drake encircled by tall shadows
58	a huge anaconda snake
60	a strong and fast grey dolphin
61	a big, light green seamonster
61	a powerful and terrifying tiger shark
62	an ancient, enormous alligator
65	a large kodiak bear
65	an ancient sabretooth guarding its territory
66	a HUGE and DANGEROUS baboon with bright red butt staring at you
66	a nasty-looking worg
68	an enormous and ominous black manta ray
68	an ENORMOUS mountain of mud with EVIL, gleaming eyes
72	a massive and terrifying great lion
73	a huge black panther with a glossy fur
73	a huge, sturdy gorilla
73	large polar bear
74	an adult chimera, with a fiery red lion's mane
75	a hideous and terrifying basilisk
76	an enormously large and horrible great white shark
77	a barn-sized bat with a black aura
77	a massive rhinoceros is peaceful but dangerous
78	a massive rhinoceros is dangerous
78	a sabretooth matriarch looking after her cubs
79	a baby blue whale
80	an enormous grizzly bear
81	a majestic golden griffon, proud and noble
81	a three-headed chimera, true abomination
82	a ferocious griffon is hunting
82	a sneaking tiger looking for some unfortunate prey
84*	an agile, snow-white drake with a freezing gaze
88	a huge, full-grown squid
94	a large red drake with burning eyes and fierce appearance
94	an elder chimera, with a fiery golden lion's mane
96	a sabretooth tracking its prey
97	a gigantic whale shark idly drifts along
98	a huge, green seamonster
104	a massive, leathery elephant with giant tusks
108*	a RARE and HUGE giant crab
112	a deadly black drake is clad in shadows
113	a great black-and-white whale with powerful jaws
114	a HORRIBLE, HUGE and ANCIENT squid
115*	a mighty grey gryphon, covered in hoar frost
118	a giant roc
124*	a daunting ancient three-headed chimera, hunting here
127	an impossibly LARGE blue whale
131*	a very old but mighty ice drake
134*	an age-old but very powerful red drake
138*	an ENORMOUS, deep green seamonster
144*	an ancient chaos drake, light's demise
152	an ancient and ENORMOUS blue whale